Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to change, limit, alter, completely end, or do anything else, to any rules, terms, points balances, conditions, rewards owed, VIP services, etc. etc., as we see fit, for any reason, at anytime, and without any advanced notice. But we likely won't, because that wouldn't be very cool.
  • This ain't no contract obligating us to anything. It's just a nice "Thanks for the business".
  • If you forget what phone number you used for your account, or we loose your record entirely, tough nuts; But we'll try real hard very much to do our part. All that said, we'll do the right thing.
  • Gift cards are transferable. Void if you complain about anything or just generally bug us. Skateboarding is not a crime. Destroying public property is. No cash value. Void where not valid. Valid where not void. Gift cards are re-gift-able. Discontinue use if rash develops. Side effects are included.
  • You can see the store for details, but there are none. Gift cards don't expire until, and unless, the revolution comes.
  • Call your mother where possible.